Residents Encouraged to Speak on Barriers and Challenges Affecting Their Lives

HOPE sponsored “listening sessions with citizens living in the areas of the city where poverty is most concentrated,” according to its media release. The one on the South Side, at the AME Zion Church, located at 2306 S. Salina St., was preceded by three: on July 19 at the North Side Learning Center; on July 26 at the Boys & Girls Club (East Side), and; on Aug. 9 at St. Lucy’s Church (Near West Side). A preliminary wrap-up discussion was held Aug. 16 in the City Hall Commons Atrium, which was led by HOPE’s three co-chairs: Frank Lazarski, president of United Way of Central New York; Sharon Owens, chief executive of the Syracuse Model Neighborhood Facility, and Hudson, who is also labor liaison at the United Way.

Suddenly, a rumbling noise interrupted her speech. The audience swelled to 59 people, a 37 percent increase.

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